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Green Field

Employee Benefits

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance (Effective on the 1st of the month following completion of 60-day probationary period.

  • Employer Paid ​Life Insurance and Short Term Disability Policy

    • Zimmerman Transfer pays 100% of the monthly premiums for a $20,000 term life insurance policy and STD coverage​

  • Flexible Spending Account

    • An option for employees to contribute pre-tax dollars into their personal FSA accounts, which can be used towards out of pocket medical, dental, and vision care expenses.​

  • Simple IRA

    • A retirement plan that employees can contribute to, with the company matching up to 3% of the employee's weekly contribution.​

  • Paid Time Off (Accrued weekly starting on day 1 of employment)

  • ​Holiday Pay​: when a driver is scheduled to work on a Holiday (Main Federal Holidays) they would receive one and a half times the regular load pay.

  • Quarterly Safety Bonus

  • Roadside Inspection Incentive: when driver's have a roadside inspection completed with no violations, they would receive a monetary bonus added to their regular payroll.

**Please note:  Must be a full time employee to be eligible for most of these benefits.**

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